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New challenges and using novel technologies

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Our Purpose

At Farmer’s Legacy Biotech, we are excited about the limitless possibility...

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Our Values

Our values define our actions, and we lead by LEAP.

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Our Products

Seeds: We will develop farm seeds that are optimum in agronomic and nutritional value properties. The seed products will find multiple applications. These numerous applications will able to diversify the current usage and reduce reliance on a few consumption patterns. We will be modifying the seeds with the latest technology routes.

Our Team

We have a team of the right mix of people. We have the skills to generate innovative ideas and experience to make these ideas practical reality. We have various partners who assist us in multiple domains. The co-founding members are MBAs from prestigious universities with varied experience ranging from R&D to Consulting. We have technical advisors with vast experience in setting technology start-ups.

Partners & Investors

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