Impact on Canadian Farmers

Farmer’s harvest cycle depends on the rotation of the crop, and few plants impact the health of other crops and the farm. We are committed to help strike the right balance between different crops so that resources used in farming are optimized. We recognize global climate change and are committed to developing products that help meet Paris climate agreement goals.

Impact on Consumers

Our most of day to day products use for household and home care is based on non-renewable sources. Our goal is to reduce the reliance on non-renewable sources for making household and home care products. Consumers will get the best products with ingredients in their product from renewable sourcing with minimum chances of contamination from dangerous chemicals.

Impact on forthcoming generations

We are looking for solutions that will able to reduce energy and resource consumption. Currently, we are reliant on processes to make modified products that involve high energy consumption. Our goal is to use bioreactors to produce those modified products and reduce our reliance on non-renewable sources so that we have resources left for our future generations.
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